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"this is what I have been working on (or trying to). my old hospital project is in construction, and I seem to be devoting 90 percent of my time in Constr. Admin. Not a lot of time to do design for this latest project in Iowa (see attached). It is a Wellness Campus consisted of Medical Office Buildings (MOB's) and a Wellness Center which is essentially an athletic club. I'm on the Wellness Center, which is the building that seems to be all by itself next to the other three).

I tried posting on the blog but I forgot how. I was getting impatient, so I'm doing it the old fashioned way (the only way my old ass knows how)."

---from kirk


So here is the way the 8,000 acres are laid out. The Whole place is supposed to be LEED so we have things like wind farms and tons of retention farms.

So here are some more iamges of what I've been slaving away on. These are just the univeristy piece, the stuff below is the whole 8,000 acre site. For a scale that is like a couple dozen Savannahs. And I'll try and describe the design intent a little bit, but it would prboably take a few hours to get it all out. So until then....Formally, the scheme is based on the Indian Mandala, extremely geometric, with multiple levels of distintcly different order. The growth pattern is model after the blooming of a flower, also a very powerful thing in Indiam cultural. The town, indicated in block form, is so organic in nature because the land is increbly flat and our initial idea on how to bring this down to a pedestrin scale is to take cues from German and like minded patterns that restrict sights lines and spaces when topogrpahy is not able to do so. But then I started thinking, Savannah is extremly flat, it has an orthognal grid. But it has short sightlines and defined spaces, some might argue that its because it is only a mile wide, but I really think its the trees. They really keep the scale down!