Philadelphia, PA


Phillies parade from my office window;


Someone at camp mentioned itunes not keeping your playslists, et al, when you reinstall--I just did a fully hard drive wipe/windows re-install, and instead of reimporting anything, I just deleted the contents of the newly created itunes music folder, and replaced it with the old--including the library data file--and it kept all of the playlists.

pretty sweet.


Swiss residence by Steven Holl, in DC.

Herzog & De Meuron's portraits from the wall of notable Swiss.

Custom door hardware detail shots.

Rear terrace.

more photos
Apparently there is some tradition of rubbing the breasts on this statue outside of the Williams and Tsien buildings at Hopkins.

We made it inside a dance studio in one of the buildings. A pretty cool space with a seating nook on the far side from the entrance, the fin wall sets off the area witha different lighting condition. We bothered to close the curtain on the circular track.


Great sign on the Whitney, I believe from this Lawrence Weiner exhibition.

Herzog & de Meuron's 40 Bond
Detail of graffiti-inspired fence.

(There was a cool basement photography bookstore across the street.)


I wandered into an exhibition of furniture at SEBASTIAN + BARQUET of works by Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouve, and Pierre Jeaneret--I especially liked this desk, with a somewhat crude angle frame but a pretty rich and refined dark wood top and tray box.


From today's Daily Candy Kids: Dallas:

Shiny grills for children by K.D.’s and Big Tuck’s Masta Grillz and Jewelry. Run by two local rappers, the operation specializes in customizable mouth jewelry. Start by giving them either a modest ($200) or ridiculous ($10,000) budget to work with. Then choose your gold (yellow, white, or rose) and a few details (letters, colored gems, diamonds). Next, they make an impression of your teeth, and your Grillz are ready a few days later. Wear them like their famous clients (Chingy, Master P, and Maverick Marquis Daniels) at high-profile events or flash ’em during your regular trip to the grocery store. Because Grillz fit like a removable retainer, your speech might be a little slurred. But that won’t stop everyone from praising your new smile.


Hey everybody. It's Muxtape time. That means it's time for everyone to make a Muxtape.



mel ramos, from the de young.


San Francisco Federal Building by Morphosis.
The building was much larger than i expected; second image blows up a portion where you can see someone talking on a cell in the terrace cavity.


This was the construction barrier/billboard advertising the prada store to come in downtown SF.

Nick Kraly says:
"On a recent trip to Beijing I photographed this billboard just below the Forbidden City. I was impressed with the most-noble goal of brand harmony, but still dubious."


west wing vs. east wing?

HUD building in DC by Breuer. Plaza by Martha Schwartz.
I really like the cross-hatch of parking striping on paving.




Nicole: dan deacon says:
hi everyone,

a while ago i mentioned posted a link to my old albums where you could download them for free. sorry it took me so long:


feel free to share these with anyone you think might enjoy them. i'll be adding more in the near future. feel free to repost this bulletin. ok, bye!


8:19 PM me: cool.
Nicole: yeah!
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denver museum of contemporary art by david adjaye.

cool bathroom handles.

the guardrails were metal plates and there was a weld, a few inches down from the top, in the reveal to hold them together, ground smooth through the painted plate and the grinding was not painted over.

benches in one fo the galleries.

outline lettering in the childrens/activity area called the "idea box".

original model.

denver art museum addition by libeskind.
interior was kind of boring.

the bench installed by double butter was gone (i looked for it.

the collection had some cool stuff.

i really like this aerial photograph of long beach by Florian Maier-Aichen;



Lasagna Cat is a grumpy and overweight feline whose humorous exploits are the subject of a famous and long-running comic strip.


a fantastic example of a "speedo" style bathing suit.

An early treatise on the boston terrier.


pretty awesome video of furniture company double butter's guerrilla installation of their benches outside of the denver MCA

more info at Behance, also an awesome piece on Catbird Records