Nicole: dan deacon says:
hi everyone,

a while ago i mentioned posted a link to my old albums where you could download them for free. sorry it took me so long:


feel free to share these with anyone you think might enjoy them. i'll be adding more in the near future. feel free to repost this bulletin. ok, bye!


8:19 PM me: cool.
Nicole: yeah!
Nicole: post that on yr blizzog, little man!


denver museum of contemporary art by david adjaye.

cool bathroom handles.

the guardrails were metal plates and there was a weld, a few inches down from the top, in the reveal to hold them together, ground smooth through the painted plate and the grinding was not painted over.

benches in one fo the galleries.

outline lettering in the childrens/activity area called the "idea box".

original model.

denver art museum addition by libeskind.
interior was kind of boring.

the bench installed by double butter was gone (i looked for it.

the collection had some cool stuff.

i really like this aerial photograph of long beach by Florian Maier-Aichen;