Nicole told me about this object based subscription:

the thing quarterly

the first object was a series of blinds each painted with unique text by miranda july.


Vertical planted wall system at the Anthropologie store going in just outside of huntsville, al. It has angled planting cells, and it look like irrigation hose running behind, and there was a copper gutter along the ground below to catch run-off. The corner detailing was a little brutal.

My father has a pneumatic 55-gallon-drum crusher. the crushed drum weighs over 50lbs.


House by hays + ewing,
McDonough expats,(http://www.hays-ewing.com/index.htm)
as part of their riversedge community development,
the woolen mills residence is right across the street.

three photos from my bike ride on the trail near riverside park, in the same neighborhood.