print i gave my sister, framed in their nursery.$20 dollar ikea blanket test. 70"x110".
placement was a little looser than i would've liked, but in typical fashion i just sort of did it.
back side of the blanket is black.

tennis balls from the dog park stuck into the fence.



For the most part, these are boring photos of outbuildings.
Occasionally there is something amusing like the sliding door with a track that allows it to move completely past the rectangular volume of the building, or the imitation brick-stamped-metal on a swinging door.
I thought we should have a thread to discuss the One-A-Day projects. I for one am very pleased with how its turning out. Both in its effect on my awareness and perception of my environment and in seeing how everyone else is approaching their photos. I particularly liked how Ryan prompted two similar photos yesterday; from myself and Meghan. Also, how Pete broke the barrier between photographer and photographed. Peter has shattered the paradigm. Its like slipping through the fourth wall in theater.


zaha hadid is speaking at uva this friday at 2pm if anyone wants to skip work and come up/down.




I've started thinking again about a book to accompany Graham's jar project. These are some initial ideas for a cover and sample spread. (There's some wishful thinking on the cover, getting Ball to sponsor and pay for printing). The type on the cover is supposed to simulate what it could look like when blind embossed. The idea is that each spread will show a month's collection and jar placement will represent that month's calendar. Each "day" will show the jar and a listing if its contents underneath. Theres a mini calendar on the left to shows the actual dates. Below that is an exert from his journal for that month. The script is inspired by the journal - he used a very small and careful cursive throughout his book.

I'm posting for comments. My biggest concern is that this layout is a week short and I am afraid of the format getting way too long and skinny.

Also, the cap letters in the cursive font irk me. They are way too ornate. I have yet to find an elegant script that has understated caps. Know of any? I may end up customizing my own font, I guess.


please marvel at the dramatic range of my nephew, the child actor, captured by my brother in law, the child-cinephotographer.


I like it.

So... do I have to do the "manage layout" part every day? Or will blogger automatically update when I post to picasa?


-ed ruscha on robert irwin