Pretty awesome...

Maybe I am behind the times, but my mom told me to check these out... there are some more dynamic ones on Youtube.


I have avoided posting links to other websites as content,
but I don't think it really matters at this point--and I feel compelled to tell as many people as possible about a couple of my favorite things on the internet.

1] blogoteque take-away shows
When touring artists come through Paris they are convinced to film these performances in unusual and impromptu venues; filmed(in a fantastic widescreen format). The quality is great. but the performances are often overwhelmingly optimistic. Check out the liars crack themselves up, improvising drum parts off of the different sides of an elevator.

2] Daytrotter Sessions
As bands pass through the midwest they stop and record special sessions that are then released as free mp3s; great bands, and at this point a huge archive of past sessions.
vampire weekend just posted.

3] catbird records
This record label releases small runs of a couple hundred cds, at ridiculously low prices--often on gocco printed sleeves. And the releases are all great. Tap Tap, Forest Fire, Pet Politics, and The Ghosts are some of my favorites. They also have a great music blog at catbird seat.


Just in case anyone out there is looking for a job, I found this interesting bit of advice on portfolios.