I wandered into an exhibition of furniture at SEBASTIAN + BARQUET of works by Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouve, and Pierre Jeaneret--I especially liked this desk, with a somewhat crude angle frame but a pretty rich and refined dark wood top and tray box.


From today's Daily Candy Kids: Dallas:

Shiny grills for children by K.D.’s and Big Tuck’s Masta Grillz and Jewelry. Run by two local rappers, the operation specializes in customizable mouth jewelry. Start by giving them either a modest ($200) or ridiculous ($10,000) budget to work with. Then choose your gold (yellow, white, or rose) and a few details (letters, colored gems, diamonds). Next, they make an impression of your teeth, and your Grillz are ready a few days later. Wear them like their famous clients (Chingy, Master P, and Maverick Marquis Daniels) at high-profile events or flash ’em during your regular trip to the grocery store. Because Grillz fit like a removable retainer, your speech might be a little slurred. But that won’t stop everyone from praising your new smile.


Hey everybody. It's Muxtape time. That means it's time for everyone to make a Muxtape.