cue the miami vice theme music and fire up google image search in your browser,
for some damn-suave kirk gridley.


not really worthy of a post, but these green lines in the concrete are from where water spills off of a linear series of oxidizing copper canopies.

could be a great trick. more subtle and compelling than the parking garage.

also appeared as my post at EenPerDag for 05/24/07


"passed" on to me by a friend in the medical research field.


Looking for a new bikini for Inherwonker... These are just some of the highlights.


revised the bed i was working on to better proportions, more like the original drawings, and trial and errored the headboard height for minimum height while still comfortable. added a center rail instead of a suspended support. but in doing so messed up the slat bearing--i think it will be beneficial to make the slats a connected system instead of individual pieces. the cuts are all a little too loose, i think im going to pack the joints with felt to make them tighter [in the mockup atleast] and dampen any creaking.


I understand that this is not typical of Carlito's... but I figured that it plays such a large part of Ryan's life that it is possibly something that needs to be addressed. They have added vitamins to Diet Coke, so is it now acceptable for Ryan to drink nothing else?


Inspired by the new Interview site (http://www.interviewmagazine.com/) I put together a rough of a jar site. The idea is that the window will be as wide as the month. Nothing fancy. Just good old fashioned scrolling, flipped horizontally.

Ignore the script. Its a pick-up from my other jpg. Feedback is welcome.

I've been following this comic for the past month or so as they took Dilbert away in the local paper. This plotline started on April 30th. I enjoy that they are throwing in esoteric info to typical comics routines of silly threats and 'zap, bam, pow' violence. Not esoteric to us, but to most of the comics readers.

"...I'll hit you so hard Andrea Palladio won't be able to make your face symmetrical again!"
"Oh Snap!"