Apparantly this is her good side.

I ask because I am working on a catalog of this woman's Hungarian art collection. She's the former Ambassador to Hungary and former wife of the man who owns Bennigans, Chillis, and Steak and Ale. Today she lives in the Ritz Carlton and has a lovely underling named Munira who feeds me text and images.

Any of you fools know how to set one of these in a line of type? I've switched my keyboard to Hungarian and still can't find the key command.



Someone on Archinect posted a link to this game site and its held my attention since. It is a series of riddles that you must solve to move on to other levels. Several of the solutions involve basic design software tools and thinking. Very basic. Others require you to be somewhat tech savvy. In other words, great puzzles for people like us. You must read the rules to understand the parameters that some solutions might fall under. Its fun. Not all that educational, however.


I comprehend the individual words. Does anyone see a combined meaning or joke in "ouverture facile"?


"I am picking up the screen today. I ordered colorfillsevere at full size. I
am going to print it, then cut the pattern pieces out of sequence, then
assemble, so the print will jumble."
this is the latest iteration of a drawing i had been working on for a friend, based on a nyt article about post-traumatic elephants.

An Elephant Crackup? - New York Times


I believe a guy was taking the piss when he suggested these guys to help with the form i was modelling, but insult aside it is both pretty incredible--and interesting that such a specialty exists in the industry.



Has anyone worked on any project, in school I would assume, using bamboo as structure? I'm designing a small pavilion for the Bamboo Farm in Savannah and would like to convince my boss to use bamboo instead of the traditional construction materials that we are considering. From my initial research, it seems that a space-frame type structure works best. This seems to best satisfy the concerns that our structural engineer will surely have. It also is the cleanest. Lashing members together isn't an aesthetic that I'm comfortable with. I've found several companies in Germany that manufacture the hardware. If you have any case studies or links to technical information I would be grateful for the help. Its barely worthy of being called a pavilion. 18' x 24', with a 100sf pergola that is attached that they envision being used as an area for bride and groom during wedding receptions or the like. It will be roofed in canvas.


So the question is... How much money can we scrape together for this amazing find? We're talking our own principality here. Sovereign nation, son. I don't know what the asking price is, but the idea totally trumps my commune plans.


Oh... is this blog supposed to be about more serious things. I guess I never bothered to ask what the posts should relate to. The pet pics led me to surmise that the blog tends towards the inconsequential. Oh SNAP!


This takes advantage of custard's, better known, explosive properties...


This site has entertained me all day so I thought I'd share. Somehow it seems perfectly suited for Simpson. People using ample knowledge bases that aren't fully tapped at work to devise ridiculous and curiously attainable schemes. 'Attainable,' if you really could convince the municipality to fill speed bumps with custard. Phrases like this,"I think the term you're looking for is 'dilatant', not 'thixotropic'. Thixotropic means that it'll solidify if left still, while dilatant means the required shear force deviates positively from Newtonian behaviour, i.e. shear thickening. Just for the record, 'pseudoplastic' is the opposite of dilatant -- it means shear-thinning.", are used in regards to pudding filled road hardware. Genius!


bed i'm working on.
-they didn't have decent plywood, so i am treating this as a full scale mockup.
headboard is taller than i intended (full 4' as height, but worked out well in terms of where it fell on my body) and feels sturdy enough with no center support.
-i probably need some sort of mattress support up against the headboard, when you sit up all of your weight is on the very edge and the mattress slouches a bit.
-there is a little bit of racking, you have to "square up" the bed. but i'm not sure its worth putting any sort of diagonal bracing in.
-i need to play around with putting the slots in the headboard
-i could probably think of something more elegant than masking tape to hold the center 2x4 on its ledge.
-the long boards will be trimmed so that they align with top of the headboard.

everything went pretty smoothly, it gave me an excuse to use the 18v cordless circular saw that my dad passed on to me and i hadn't tried out. seems pretty cool.

any comments appreciated before i do it for real.

the proportions are noticeably different than the sketchup model views--it feels fine in person but the model view looks leaner. 12" vs 8".

and i guess i should probably sleep on it.


gratuitous manolin photo

making the world a better place... one brand at time (or atleast trying)


So, content aside, this splicing of 7 photos is pretty well done, huh. It took 15 seconds and no input from me. Maybe I'm late to the table, but I thought I'd mention Autostitch to everyone in case you hadn't used it. Its freeware and tiny and runs from its own .exe file that you can transport on a flash drive. There are a few options that you can change if you are so inclined, but the defaults do a great job. Sorry about the uncool image. Its from a site visit this morning. For sweetness, check out this.