Nicole told me about this object based subscription:

the thing quarterly

the first object was a series of blinds each painted with unique text by miranda july.


Vertical planted wall system at the Anthropologie store going in just outside of huntsville, al. It has angled planting cells, and it look like irrigation hose running behind, and there was a copper gutter along the ground below to catch run-off. The corner detailing was a little brutal.

My father has a pneumatic 55-gallon-drum crusher. the crushed drum weighs over 50lbs.


House by hays + ewing,
McDonough expats,(http://www.hays-ewing.com/index.htm)
as part of their riversedge community development,
the woolen mills residence is right across the street.

three photos from my bike ride on the trail near riverside park, in the same neighborhood.


Failed graphic.
"the shaved head is the new mustache of law enforcement".
Originally this started as a joke about how all cops now shave their heads.
and it was originally going to be sort of a homoerotic cop on cop locker room shaving incident, but when two dudes are in underwear how do you tell they are cops.
it then turned into the next image.
I have no excuse for the carribean/african colors.
I like the idea of defining an identity by all of the facial trappings, I would be interested in reusing it divorced from the dumb cop joke.
like aviators/beards/mustaches and plastic framed glasses--all of my accoutrements.


Pretty awesome...

Maybe I am behind the times, but my mom told me to check these out... there are some more dynamic ones on Youtube.


I have avoided posting links to other websites as content,
but I don't think it really matters at this point--and I feel compelled to tell as many people as possible about a couple of my favorite things on the internet.

1] blogoteque take-away shows
When touring artists come through Paris they are convinced to film these performances in unusual and impromptu venues; filmed(in a fantastic widescreen format). The quality is great. but the performances are often overwhelmingly optimistic. Check out the liars crack themselves up, improvising drum parts off of the different sides of an elevator.

2] Daytrotter Sessions
As bands pass through the midwest they stop and record special sessions that are then released as free mp3s; great bands, and at this point a huge archive of past sessions.
vampire weekend just posted.

3] catbird records
This record label releases small runs of a couple hundred cds, at ridiculously low prices--often on gocco printed sleeves. And the releases are all great. Tap Tap, Forest Fire, Pet Politics, and The Ghosts are some of my favorites. They also have a great music blog at catbird seat.


Just in case anyone out there is looking for a job, I found this interesting bit of advice on portfolios.


Got a questionaroni. It has to do with internet bookmarks. Specifically the taxonomy of said bookmarks. They are spiralling out of control for me. I have found a plug in I like (Foxmarks for Firefox) and now I need to organize. I would love if there existed a convention for this. Sounds like there should be an iso protocol. As there is not one that I'm aware of, and I don't see how the Dewey Decimal system helps me, I'm asking for your help. Does anyone have a good system that they have developed? Or know of a resource? Now that I'm thinking about it more, maybe the DD would work. Seems like I'd have all of mine stashed in the 700's.


hill house by eero saarinen. fenestration pattern, brick wall radiused to meet the ground plane, and over-fired bricks.

I got a little excited to see this Robert Indiana sculpture in person, as i had only seen it in pictures (even though it's something I was never particularly interested in)--and my instinct was to commemorate the experience by taking a picture of it. enjoy.


cardboard partition wall blocking off an unused portion of the building housing the exhibit.

my favorite piece from the Broadcast show at the Contemporary in Baltimore.


I'm doing a lot of work like these two projects lately--relatively quick sketchup models photoshopped.


You probably haven't seen stacks of trees like this since "Method & Red" got cancelled.


i came across this image in a baltimore market advertising some sketchy weight loss pill--and thought it would be fun to work on a similar series of silhouettes of myself:

then while researching fat bodies to help me out i came across this diagram of the "regressive male"--and it put mine to shame. its so simply done graphically.


Did anyone else read the article about clearview a few weeks ago? It's the new typeface developed (and Federally approved) to take the place of highway gothic on all highway signs. I had never previously given much thought to the typeface on highway signs, but the difference in readability is pretty clear. The designers of Clearview had to come up with a typeface that was readable with only a quick glance and that would remain legible during halation, or the blurring that occurs when bright lights (such as headlights) hit reflective type.


The first image is the view from the balcony that all you suckers missed by not staying with us in our sweet sweet Midtown hotel. Second photo is what I assumed to be the loading dock structure built for the delivery of the steel pieces. Third needs no explanation.
More Serra pics here.

Its hard to capture the big pieces with a point and shoot and tons of people around. You need distance from the object and a nice wide lens to take it in. The earlier works were great, but no photos are allowed to be taken inside the MOMA. Also, those works are best absorbed in discussion. They don't impact the viewer in such a visceral manner as the Torqued Ellipse and the like. We're still awaiting the exhibition catalog and I think only when revisiting those early works will I begin to understand those hung belts and draped rubber pieces. I've been reading his interviews book and its illuminating. Before the rest of you go, make sure to watch this. I saw it about a two months ago and its great stuff. Still can't prepare you for the experience of walking through his new pieces on the second floor. Awe-inspiring.

Longchamp pics here.


old dumb drawing

photo taken by a co-worker from a site visit folder in my office.


Forget all this highfalutin architecture talk. I want to talk about the Internets. Specifically, an old chestnut I recently rediscovered called Brad: The Game. Brought to you in 1997 by the guy who would later go on to publish The Brick Testament.. and not much else. Take the half hour and admire the ultra lo-fi black, grey and green and see if you can survive long enough to go bonk Sandy.


Steven Holl's Bellevue Art Museum has this great glass encased stair.
it shows up on the second level in the main central space, and you can see how the light dramatically changes to a bright green glow as it crosses over to an external face on the interior roof courtyard.
the circles of rubber held down by bricks were blocking out light from the circular skylights in the ceiling of the main central space.


some highlights from olympic sculpture park.
building with grass amphitheater steps from above and below.
serra's wake, which amusingly you are not allowed to touch.
angled overlapping retaining walls with expansion material betwen the joints, letters cut to sit vertical on the canted interior face, and a "shadow line" of exposed aggregate just pass the overlap [if you look carefully in the 4th large picture you can make it out].
calder and the awesome hammock-nest-pods.


ballard library by bohlin cywinski jackson.
shaped columns with pin connections U-bracketed onto the glu-lam beams.
vegetative roof.

a few hastily composited images of steven holl's chapel of st. ignatius.
my favorite is the single metal plate that is cut, bent, and the tab rolled to form the base of the candle holders.

however many years behind the japanese, some cool vending machines from dfw airport.
the ipod was stocked with ipods, accessories, and even a couple of canon digicams.

the motorola had phones and accessories--and i used forgetting my charger at home as an excuse to buy a new one. credit card and touch screen, and not at all overpriced.


Serra Weekend.

So when is it? We are probably going to go up next weekend(21/22), but we're planning on seeing it twice. The first two weekends in August work for us. So does the last weekend. Jesse Kretschmer is visiting sometime in August, so that might work especially well to all meet up for a weekend. We'll be doing it on the cheap. Chinatown bus and staying at our friend's place in Brooklyn.

Let's discuss.


So I was going to post this as a comment, but Ryan's initial bed post has been pushed from the main page. I found this on my friend Paul's page on MySpace. He works for Wonk, which is a furniture company in Brooklyn. I don't know if he designed it or not, but I'm sure he had a hand in it.


Inherwonker pics. Please add yours.


ever piss someone off taking a photo?


For my cousins organic farm. I should probably tell her that Harvest Moon is a video game?


Since I am a coach for my office volleyball team I created a mascot.

OPX Volley ball team presents...
Eagle Eyes
Puma Leaping ability
Gorilla Strength
Ostrich Quickness
Llama Spit Strength
Lion Heart
Camel Drinking Ability
Cobra Slitheriness
the Brain of an OPXER

This is how I spend most of my time during the day.


Some things that have popped up in browsing today. Also, lets set up the plan for the Serra excursion in July. I think it might be fun to have a total Serra experience.

Richard Serra Carlo Scarpa Andrea Palladio