claxton cake made for me by elizabeth at work.


I'm gathering all of my resources to put myself back out there(portfolio-wise.) And I'm wondering how to represent time spent at a practice. How does one show competency in CD's and related technical areas? How do I show that I've been working for a year? We don't produce blinging presentations. I've worked on bits of big projects(libraries and schools) and comprehensively on small projects(garage additions and a carriage house.) I assume that Graham is the resident expert here since he's worked at about 18 firms now.


next on the agenda is a to-scale screen of my nephew henry simpson green.
here are the photos, taken next to a dollar bill so that i can scale them (forensics cop show trick.)

I tried line art and color-filled outline, but i think the halftone looks the best. I'm not totally sure what i'm doing with this, I think some prints on paper, maybe blankets/bedding with a repeat pattern--because i'm sure no one would shit themself when they found a single guy who spends too much time alone with his dog has baby bedding.