i came across this image in a baltimore market advertising some sketchy weight loss pill--and thought it would be fun to work on a similar series of silhouettes of myself:

then while researching fat bodies to help me out i came across this diagram of the "regressive male"--and it put mine to shame. its so simply done graphically.


Did anyone else read the article about clearview a few weeks ago? It's the new typeface developed (and Federally approved) to take the place of highway gothic on all highway signs. I had never previously given much thought to the typeface on highway signs, but the difference in readability is pretty clear. The designers of Clearview had to come up with a typeface that was readable with only a quick glance and that would remain legible during halation, or the blurring that occurs when bright lights (such as headlights) hit reflective type.


The first image is the view from the balcony that all you suckers missed by not staying with us in our sweet sweet Midtown hotel. Second photo is what I assumed to be the loading dock structure built for the delivery of the steel pieces. Third needs no explanation.
More Serra pics here.

Its hard to capture the big pieces with a point and shoot and tons of people around. You need distance from the object and a nice wide lens to take it in. The earlier works were great, but no photos are allowed to be taken inside the MOMA. Also, those works are best absorbed in discussion. They don't impact the viewer in such a visceral manner as the Torqued Ellipse and the like. We're still awaiting the exhibition catalog and I think only when revisiting those early works will I begin to understand those hung belts and draped rubber pieces. I've been reading his interviews book and its illuminating. Before the rest of you go, make sure to watch this. I saw it about a two months ago and its great stuff. Still can't prepare you for the experience of walking through his new pieces on the second floor. Awe-inspiring.

Longchamp pics here.


old dumb drawing

photo taken by a co-worker from a site visit folder in my office.