i'm working on the same school.
here are a couple of sketchup/photoshop renderings and a quickly color filled bldg section.
right now wall sections/details and building sections.

the roof got a little more complicated but still very simple, with clerestory windows occurring in the vertical surfaces created by the folding of the roof--creating alternating north and south lights into the group learning spaces and corridors, respectively. the deep v in the section was an attempt to separate the north light (group learning space) from the south light (corridor) by a sort of "light threshold".



if two creatures that could not verbally communicate [in this case a simpson and a dog] only ever had three thoughts (eat, sleep, play) their interaction could very easily be mistaken for telepathic.


thanks fellow CB. I'll have to admit this is my first blogging experience.
Whew, I'm spent.