Got a questionaroni. It has to do with internet bookmarks. Specifically the taxonomy of said bookmarks. They are spiralling out of control for me. I have found a plug in I like (Foxmarks for Firefox) and now I need to organize. I would love if there existed a convention for this. Sounds like there should be an iso protocol. As there is not one that I'm aware of, and I don't see how the Dewey Decimal system helps me, I'm asking for your help. Does anyone have a good system that they have developed? Or know of a resource? Now that I'm thinking about it more, maybe the DD would work. Seems like I'd have all of mine stashed in the 700's.


hill house by eero saarinen. fenestration pattern, brick wall radiused to meet the ground plane, and over-fired bricks.

I got a little excited to see this Robert Indiana sculpture in person, as i had only seen it in pictures (even though it's something I was never particularly interested in)--and my instinct was to commemorate the experience by taking a picture of it. enjoy.


cardboard partition wall blocking off an unused portion of the building housing the exhibit.

my favorite piece from the Broadcast show at the Contemporary in Baltimore.


I'm doing a lot of work like these two projects lately--relatively quick sketchup models photoshopped.


You probably haven't seen stacks of trees like this since "Method & Red" got cancelled.